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At the beginning of the year, in 2019, I received a divine view of my purpose in life.  When this incident occurred, every action, reaction and inaction I had taken in my life made perfect sense in the blink of an eye, and it was then that I received the gift of witnessing my life objective.  From that moment forward, I was instilled with the understanding that I always had an inclination and driving ambition for helping other people see.  Then, shortly after, without warning, I suffered my life's greatest loss.  This pursuit is dedicated to my mother, who gave me her blessing to start this heart-centered venture 3 weeks before her passing in mid 2019. 

Throughout my life, I've always felt aligned in seeking clarity, and motivated by influencing other people to view things from a different perspective.  I had even chosen a career in medical imaging(Xrays, CT's, MRI's) as my point of focus early in my endeavors feeding my passion by acting as the eyes of medicine.  This is were the idea of selling sunglasses came from.  I am committed wholesomely to helping other people see. I want to fulfill and share my passion with the world, and, we at www.helpingyouview.com, want to help in integrating within you an added sense of vision in your life.

We are grateful that the universe has brought you to our site. As you decide what products best fit your needs, we are graciously looking forwards to your complete satisfaction with the variety currently available. One of our goals is to help awaken within you newfound ways to see the world and to be seen by it in a novel, individualistic, and personalized way. Please, check back often for changes in stock and styles.

Our observation of how the health of human lives has deteriorated over the past years has given us a clear purpose in the objective of www.helpingyouview.com.  One of our intentions in the creation of this site is to commit a portion of the profits from this store to benefit conscious individuals have a place to go for affordable, innovative, and alternative healthcare. We want to raise awareness by education first.  Then with proper methods and protocols in place help guide the combination of old methods with new safe, upcoming methods thereby facilitating in more widespread adoption. 

In the near future, we are looking forwards to establishing a facility which will combine therapies from the East, West, and South. A place that will help to integrate new (up and coming) proven treatments that are safe and legal with those of old conventional standards.  A healing environment focused on health, not profits. Were lives are more important than money.  A facility that is ran by motivated, and inspired personnel.


In the long haul, we want to add value to modern conventional medicine with the intention of adding quality to human lives.

We intend to guide in the creation of a system that will empower to help unite the old standards with new upcoming solutions.  Changes that can help people see a new paradigm.  We will do this together, one pair of glasses at a time.  Every purchase made helps us get one step closer to sharing our vision with the world.  We look forwards to your patronage, and satisfaction.